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November 7, 2013
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Nyssa Ref by Ask-Creeps-and-Lanky Nyssa Ref by Ask-Creeps-and-Lanky
((I just needed to make a better 'less-static' ref of her (I need to do so for Kenzo too, that pose blech) and because I've been feeling a bit lackluster/uninspired which is taking it's toll on asks I decided to do this in the mean time.))

Name: Nyssa

Age: 15

Birthday: September 20th

Species: Enderman

Gender: Female

Height: 6.5-7.5 feet (AKA 2 blocks high)

Relationship status: In a relationship.

Personality: Emotionally unstable to say the least. 
She is aggressive and can be fairly rude. She has bundles of emotions whizzing around with little control on the inside, they're hidden by layers upon layers of rude and violent behavior and fake confidence. Take that away and there's a quivering mass of confusion and above all self-loathing, she's hideous.

Nyssa was discovered by a band of traders, who upon stealing her saw a potential in selling a rare 'albino' Enderman in the black market of mob trading, the infant was to be sold at a high price to anybody seeking an exotic pet, bodyguard or slave.

In the night however her cage was spotted by a passing tribe of Endermen, her strange appearance led them to believe she was a bad omen from the gods. She was "raised" by the tribe of Purist xenophobes who were determined to keep her with them to prevent her from spreading whatever ill-omen she was sent to cause. This view of her lead to her being shunted out of everything and anything. Her life was a misery, she survived off scraps and left over zombie flesh. She only managed to learn the basics by watching the other Enderlings get taught by their parents. The other children were raised to believe her evil due to her visual appearance and thus she became subject to bullying both verbal and physical. It wasn't until her ninth birthday when she came across a miners broken gold sword did she become free after she lashed at one of the other children (V'tii their 'leader' and most frequent to bully her) and made a break for it as he tended his new wound. She lived in the forests finding a proper sword and pants to cover up her wound, she even enchanted them by accident (durability enchantment hence why they havn't broke yet), she lived like a wolf learning off testificates and passing Endertribes she scratched a meager life for herself.

After three years in the wild she was dragged to safety by a solitary Creeper who was guilty over an argument with his friend. He cared for her and accidentally got her as a neighbor...

The Blue orb allows her to generate an electric charge which can be emitted as a lightning bolt. However It takes a while to recharge and can easily be accidentally discharged when startled or shocked.
The Orange/Amber orb provides a low-level (Level 3 max) enchantment to a enchantable item. On the condition that she is holding it, if she drops it or lets go a different enchantment is placed upon the item next time it is picked up. Then again this is only IF it does enchant the item.

((Yup so there we go.))

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Warriorcatdragon Dec 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
She looks SO boss here!
EnderBeast2000 Nov 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
She just needs to be understood.  Behind her pure anger is fear.

If that is not the case and she is just a anger-prone I'm just gonna leave either way
Sorry auto correct I meant nyssa
Where's Nysa anyways?
((What do you mean by that?))
What is nyssa doing ight now
I mean what is nssya doing right now

Why do you always type like this withthe (( ))
((She works as the "shoura"

and it's because I'm not RPing as the characters.))
man she has a depressing childhood...
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